How to Write a Google Review Part 2

by | Aug 30, 2018

More and more consumers are turning to online reviews for help with their purchase decisions, and businesses now rely on Google Reviews to enhance their online presence and improve their SEO strategy. Ranking well on the search engine results page is one thing, but businesses can really set themselves apart with a large number of positive online reviews and educating consumers on how to write a Google review!

In this guide, I’ll cover how to leave a valuable Google review and ways to review businesses on your smartphone or mobile device.

If you are wanting to learn how to write a Google review for the first time or to understand how to leave a review on your desktop or laptop, then check out part one of this post–How to Write a Google Review where I go over all the basics.

For a quick jump to how to leave a review using the mobile method of your choice click the link below:

Leave a Review Using a Smartphone Browser

Leave a Review Using the Google Maps App

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Composing A Fair & Accurate Review

Knowing how to leave a review on the most powerful platform known to man is one thing, but writing one that people will take note of is another challenge altogether. While there’s no one right or wrong way to compose a review, this checklist will come in handy. 

Keep it short & sweet: Nobody wants to read the equivalent of a book chapter to find out that you didn’t like the food served in a restaurant or the treatment received from the staff. Crisp, clear paragraphs are ideal.

Include essential details: Let readers know when you visited, what you ordered or purchased, and other relevant information about the service you received.

Focus on the experience, not the people: It can be easy to review a business poorly because of a single person even if managers or other staff attempted to rectify the situation. Make sure to keep your review unbiased and, as a rule, don’t include names of individuals.

Keep it in perspective: Even if you had a bad experience with an establishment, it is important that you include details that provide balance to your review. The more understanding you are, the more credible your review will be. 

Add photos: If you are going to comment about the surroundings, make sure there is a visual representation. Likewise, images are crucial when you want to complain about the quality of a product.

Use simple language: Readers want reviews that are easy to understand, so always remember the audience you’re writing for in order to make the most of your review.

Leave a Google Review as Soon as Possible

Maybe you’ve considered writing a Google review, but once you get home, you become sidetracked and forget to share your honest opinion about your recent experience with a business. Writing a review while at the restaurant or shortly after a purchase is the best way to ensure that your review is posted accurately. The trouble is that most consumers aren’t sure how to leave a review on their mobile device, so below I will give you some tips on how to do just that.

Deleting an Outdated or Inaccurate Review

Everyone makes mistakes. As such, you may find that you’ve left a review that isn’t quite right. Perhaps you were in a particularly bad mood when left the review, maybe you clicked the wrong star rating, or it’s possible that the company has gone above and beyond to rectify their mistakes to change your opinion. Sadly, it’s also possible that a company you previously loved gave you a reason to alter your views to a more negative stance.
Whatever the reason for amending your review, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Open up Google Maps app on your device and make sure you are signed into your Google account.

2. Navigate to Your Contributions and click the button.

3. Select Reviews.

4. Find the desired review and click More (the …).

5. Choose whether you wish to Edit or Delete.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions & then you are done!

How to Leave a Review Using a Smartphone Web Browser

You are already familiar with how to leave a review on your laptop or desktop, but you can use virtually any other device that boasts online capabilities to leave a review, as well. The interface may look a little different, but the fundamentals are identical to the computer-based process. Here’s what to do:

Open the web browser: This will usually come via a direct App from your device’s home screen (e.g., Chrome, Safari). Again it doesn’t matter whether you use an Apple or Android device.


Visit Google: Head over to Google’s homepage. For many users, your default search engine on your phone will already be Google.


Search for the business: Type in the name of the company you wish to review and search for the results. Click the individual business from the list of options.

Initiate reviews: Click the “Reviews” tab in the business information box. This should show the business’s rating out of five stars as well as a handful of reviews (usually three). Below this, you’ll notice the “Rate and Review On Google” prompt with the blank stars below.

Rate the business/experience: On the row of five stars, tap the one that matches your opinion of the company. So, if you give it the full five stars, tap the fifth star so that all five become illuminated. Once you select your number of stars you will be prompted to log into your Google account if you haven’t already!


Write your review: Tap the greyed-out text below the stars and your screen keyboard appears. Type your honest review of the company, providing some details about your experience. Ensure that it reflects the star rating that you’ve left.

Publish: Click the ‘Post’ button to confirm your review. The review will show your name and link to your Google+ profile, so do be mindful of this.

Using Google Maps to Write a Review

Did you know that you can leave a review in your Google Maps app? You use the app to locate a new business, visit a restaurant, or get directions to a coffee shop and you can quickly leave a review before you even leave.

Open Google Maps: To begin simply tap your Google Maps icon on your phone. If you don’t already have the app installed, go to your App store to download and install.

Make sure you are signed-in to your Google account: Click the mobile menu button (the three dashes) and glance at the bottom of the menu If you are signed in, then your Gmail and profile picture will appear. If you aren’t yet signed-in you can do so by clicking the button.

Search for the business: In your Google Maps app, search for the business you would like to review. Once you find the correct business simply click on it to pull up the business details. You can verify that it is the right company by checking the address, phone number or other information.

Choose your stars: When you scroll down to the reviews area of the business details, your name and 5 blank stars should appear. Click the number of stars you would like to select for this business.

Write your review: You will have the option of leaving a written review to provide further detail. Consumers really appreciate reading through this information before making a purchase or visiting an establishment. And a photo if it is relevant to your review by clicking the camera icon and permitting access to the photos on your mobile device.

Click Post: It really is that easy!

You’re an Expert

Now you are a Google review expert! Whether you are a business owner wanting to learn how to walk customers through the review process or a consumer wanting to become a top reviewer, I hope this tutorial has helped you and that you can begin using Google Maps and your mobile device to leave Google reviews. I know many of you found this article because you were wondering how to leave a Google review on your mobile phone—and now that you know, it’s time to start leaving more reviews!

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